OCM Factory Capital Projects are engaged in design, delivery and assembly of Astron prefabricated steel buildings of industrial- and commercial-grade steel structures. All components are assembled without welding, using bolted connections.All bolt holes are factory-made using precision equipment and design documents to accelerate the assembly process.

Advantages of Astron steel building:

  • realiability and 50 years of experience;
  • guaranteed fixed price during construction;
  • best value for your money;li>
  • investment with a short payback period;
  • customized look of buildings;
  • best solutions to suit each customer’s needs;
  • single- and multi-storey buildings;
  • quick design, delivery and assembly;
  • assembly using bolted connections;
  • the assembly kit is delivered by a single manufacturer;
  • sizes don’t necessarily have to be like traditional modules;
  • span up to 100 m without internal supports and girders;
  • high quality, environmentally friendly;
  • minimum costs of building use;
  • long service-life.